More Thanks, Please

As we head into Thanksgiving Week, we will undoubtedly be inundated with the Holiday/Christmas spirit as determined by advertisers and marketers. We will be cajoled, manipulated, and suggested to that we buy more stuff and give it to other people. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you have the means and are doing it for the right reasons.

We are a giving society. We give of ourselves out of love, out of respect, out of spite, and out of need. It always amazes me when a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, hundreds of people will swarm to the affected area and give there blood, sweat, and tears to help.

And the only thing those people can do is say “Thank you.”

No other words will do. No other actions can even come close to describing the gratitude those two words convey.

We need more “Thank yous.”

Again this year, I continue the tradition of saying what I’m thankful for. I urge you to do the same. Share it with your family, the world, or keep it to yourself. If we take the time to say “Thank you” and be grateful for what we have, more good comes into our lives.

  • Thank you to all my colleagues at TradeKing. We are a diverse group with a single motivating purpose. It’s fun to see what we create when we “Be Good”.
  • Thank you to Amy and all the instructors at Community Yoga for sharing your sacred space with us.
  • Thank you to Melissa and Amy for helping us find our dream home. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.
  • Thank you to my siblings Ned and Darlene. Even though we don’t communicate much and are hundreds of miles apart, when we do talk, it’s like no time has passed. I wish they lived closer.
  • Thank you to Master Sbarge and all my Martial Art siblings at The Peaceful Dragon. Another diverse group with a love for the Martial Arts and improving our lives and helping each other in the process.
  • Thank you to my wife and daughter. No words can come close to conveying my thanks and gratitude for what you mean to me.
  • Thank you to all my students at Lake Norman Tai Chi Center. You allow me to live my passion and I’m overjoyed that what we’re doing is making positive changes in all our lives.
  • Thank you to my Mom. Even though we’ve drifted apart over the years, you are an important person in my life. Just know that I love you.
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Tai Chi For Entrepreneurs

Chinese Martial Art to enhance your health and well-being, giving you the ultimate edge and a chance at success

Tai Chi for Entrepreneurs

Tai Chi for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate Advantage

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. They see opportunity where most people won’t even dare to look. They turn a simple idea (or two or three) into gold (sometimes dust, but who’s looking). They are the lifeblood of our economy. Google, Facebook, Ford, GM, Mrs. Field, Auntie Annie, Build-A-Bear Workshop, pretty much every business, local or global, of all shapes and sizes started by the sheer will and determination of an Entrepreneur. As an Entrepreneur, you start off by doing everything yourself. You work 14-18 hour days, 7 or 8 days a week, with no breaks, no vacations, very little sleep, and no guarantee of success.

If any group of people need to stay healthy to better their chances at success, its these guys and gals!

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Busting Family Stress

Keys to Keeping the Family Sane During Stressful Times

To relieve family stress, take time out for fun activities

To relieve family stress, take time out for fun activities

Our family is going through a stressful period at the moment, especially our daughter. She’s in the third grade, and besides the usual stresses of a typical 9-year old, there are a few students in her class that are making it difficult for the teacher to teach, and for the other students to learn. She also gets bored at times. She’ll also be taking her end-of-grade tests for the first time this year, and she’s exhibiting some test anxiety. Oh, and we’re moving in June. Which adds some packing and moving anxiety, not to mention she’ll be in a new school next year. It’s no wonder she’s feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed with what’s going on.

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How To Gain Confidence With This Simple Tip

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

Stand Tall! Gain Confidence!

Stand Tall! Gain Confidence!

You’re in the process of interviewing two individuals for a job. Bob and Stacey are both highly qualified. They both graduated with honors and their work experience make them excellent candidates for your Company. Now you have the unenviable task of choosing between the two.

You think back during their interviews to try and remember something that would differentiate them from each other. During Bob’s interview, even though he seemed to have command of his subject matter, he lacked a bit of confidence, his voice would drop low at times, and his posture was a little slumped. Stacey, on the other hand, was confident, spoke clearly, and her posture was naturally straight, whether she was standing or sitting.

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Master The Fundamentals For A Better Life

How to Get More of What You Desire by Doing More of What You Know

Practicing your fundamentals can improve your success

Practicing your fundamentals can improve your success

Musician: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

Cabbie: “Practice, practice, practice.”

An old joke for sure, but in that pithy response lies a simple truth. To get anywhere in life, you need to practice. But what to practice, you ask? The answer is simple. FUNDAMENTALS!

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March Foods to Sing About

Fruits, Leeks, and Chocolate … Oh My!

Celebrate March Foods!

Happy Vaffeldagen!

As Spring begins to make it’s entrance into our daily lives, the cold dampness of Winter still won’t release her icy grip. March has quite a diverse palate for us to celebrate with.

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50 Shades of Gray in the Kitchen

Using the Grayscale to Determine Food Choices

50 Shades of Gray in the Kitchen - Using the Grayscale to Determine Food Choices

50 Shades of Gray in the Kitchen – Using the Grayscale to Determine Food Choices

Most people think of food as bad or good. Black or white. You’re either eating good (healthy) or bad (unhealthy). If you think of bad foods as black and good foods as white, it’s easy to get caught up in the good vs. evil debate.

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Tai Chi Myth #2: I Can Learn Tai Chi From A Book

Is it a Tai Chi myth or misconception that you can learn how to do Tai Chi Chuan from a book?

Tai Chi Myth #2: Is it possible to learn Tai Chi from a book?

Tai Chi Myth #2: Is it possible to learn Tai Chi from a book?

From the early days of the written word, Tai Chi Chuan Masters have passed on their knowledge to their students and whomever wanted to learn about their style of Tai Chi Chuan. Because of the scarcity of writing materials, most of the early material took the form of short cryptic passages that required interpretation. In the last 50 years, we have enjoyed an abundance of information about Tai Chi Chuan, the different lineages, the many styles, and the various Masters who have devoted their lives to their Arts and it’s transmission to the next generation.

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Wu De: Martial Virtue In Modern Society

A Code of Ethics for the Tai Chi Lifestyle

Wu De: A Sign Of Respect To Yourself and Others

Wu De: A Sign Of Respect
To Yourself and Others

When we say “hello” to our co-workers, hold open the door for a stranger, call our Moms, or wave at our neighbors (using ALL our fingers), we are showing Wu-De, or Martial Virtue.

Wu De is the Chinese Martial Arts code of ethics that is ingrained in the culture of China. From the formalities of the ruling classes throughout it’s rich history down to the social and family interactions of it’s people. It is the fine silk suit we wear when in public. It’s what holds a community, a society, and a culture together.

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What Makes A Champion?

What The NFL Can Teach Us About Being A Champion

What makes a champion?

What makes a champion?

As I was watching the super NFL finale this past weekend, a game that my daughter refers to as “a bunch of sweaty guys running around with a ball,” I was suddenly struck with the notion of  champions and what makes a champion?

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