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Tai Chi and Focus

How an ancient Martial Art can improve your focus to enhance your love life, get that promotion, and get more done in less time You’ve been through it 3 times already, or has it been 4, and you still can’t … Continue reading

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Have You Crossed Your Health Red Line?

Five Simple Steps To Avoid Crossing Your Health Red Line Before You Cross Life’s Finish Line   A battle is being waged. It is a battle for supremacy. A battle for survival. It is also a battle to the death! … Continue reading

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5 Secret, Earth Shattering, Hair Raising, Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Something the ancient Masters have kept hidden from us for centuries. You see, there are 5 Secret, Earth Shattering, Hair Raising, Natural Way to Boost Your Energy. These secrets, when … Continue reading

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