We've Moved!

As our classes continue to grow and with the expiration of our lease, Lake Norman Tai Chi Center is on the move! We are currently searching for a new permanent home. In the meantime, we have found a temporary home at the Oak Street Mill in Cornelius.

Classes will be held at the Seven Oaks Event Venue beginning July 14, 2021. Some classes may also be held at the Brick Row Event Venue or Legion Park. Check out the map and our new class schedule.


Not far, less than a mile. You can get directions here.

Yes. We have temporarily cancelled our Monday yoga and tai chi classes. There are a few classes that needed to be time shifted. You can see the new schedule here.

Although the ceilings are higher, there are low hanging lights and ceiling fans. There are also hardwood floors. With safety and property protection in mind, we will not be doing any weapons practice indoors.

Not for this temporary move. Once we move into our new home, we will throw a Grand Opening celebration!

We have an agreement with Eventive Venues until the first week of August. We can extend if needed. During this time we will continue the search for a permanent home. If we find one in the meantime, we have the opportunity to move into that space before our agreement with Eventive Venues expires.