What Students Are Saying About Us

Sifu Dale has patience, forbearance, humility and humor, combined with the ability to communicate and show others how.
Michael Ballantyne, 60, Quality Manager, Charlotte NC
Sifu Dale has a good knowledge of Tai Chi and a clarity of communication. A good example of someone who has worked hard to learn the art and now has the ability to pass it on to others. He uses his sense of humor to connect with students.
Charles Butler, 65, Consultant, Charlotte NC
I have more confidence that I can do what ever needs to be done. I recover from illnesses and injury more quickly. I have more energy than some of my friends - and they are in their 20's and 30's.
Dale Saufley, 49, Inside Sales/Marketing, Charlotte NC
Sifu Dale has the ability to observe and make small course corrections that give long term results.
Dr. Karen Bartley, 40, Physician, Monroe NC
Since taking Tai Chi I have become even calmer and more relaxed.
Tim Starnes, 42, Retired Military, Charlotte NC
Sifu Dale is exceptional in his teaching and his ability to see the needs of his student.
Ken Simpson, 69, Hospital Surgical Pt Rep, Charlotte NC
Everything from my concentration to understanding points of power and flow of movement have been improved during my time studying Tai Chi Chuan. My mental concentration especially has improved vastly during my continuous training.
Jessie Kleinmeier, 26, Manager, Charlotte NC
Anyone looking for an EXCELLENT Tai Chi instructor will not be disappointed with Sifu Dale!
Rhonda Skains, Internet Marketing and Training Consultant, Charlotte NC