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Busting Family Stress

Keys to Keeping the Family Sane During Stressful Times Our family is going through a stressful period at the moment, especially our daughter. She’s in the third grade, and besides the usual stresses of a typical 9-year old, there are … Continue reading

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The Top 8 Tips and Tricks to Keep Stress from Ruining your Holidays

How To Handle Stress and Really Enjoy Your Holidays The time between Halloween and New Years can be very stressful for some people. Whether you celebrate All Saints Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus, or any holiday that is celebrated in the Fall or … Continue reading

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Monkey Mind: What’s With Kid’s Fitness?

I have an eight year old daughter, and she doesn’t get much exercise. She does get recess every day at school, but she usually plays on the swings. She does have a phys ed class, but that’s only once every … Continue reading

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Make Fitness A Family Affair

  Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day was Saturday July 7. Did you take your daughter for a walk? No, me neither. At least not intentionally. We did do some shopping together and walked through the mall, but we didn’t … Continue reading