Don’t Lose Focus

Don't lose focus on what's important

Spring is either here (meteorologically) or is around the corner (astronomically)! (Old man alert: when I was kid, and into most of my adult life, this was never an issue. Why now?) Either way, the weather is getting warmer, the clocks have moved ahead (don’t get me started on that one), and pandemic-related restrictions are slowly being lifted and people are coming out of their cocoons. While this is great news all around, and I am looking forward to getting out of the house a little more often, we mustn’t lose focus of a few key things.

Don’t Lose Focus on Your Wellness

COVID-19, cold viruses, and allergens are still swirling around us. In Charlotte, we’ve already had a couple of weeks of high pollen counts. The itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and sneezing have made their appearance in our household. As we spend more time outdoors and around other people, we must be relentless in protecting our health and wellness.

Being in crowds is a more risky now than before the pandemic. If you are planning on being in a crowd, you must ask yourself if the risk of possibly being exposed to any virus or bacteria is worth the experience. If it is, take the necessary precautions (hand sanitizer, protective gear, and keep your distance).

Don’t Lose Focus on Your Goals

Do you remember those New Year’s resolutions you made 2 months ago? How about those vacation plans? Or the home remodeling you wanted to do this past year? Warmer weather entices us to be outside and do fun exciting things. We do need to do that from time to time (see below) but you made those goals for a reason. Whether it’s to lose weight, see the world, or improve the value of your home, they were important to you at one time.

Take inventory of the goals and projects you have. Are they still important to you? Will they add value to your life? If so, start taking action now! And be relentless in achieving those goals and completing those projects.

Don’t Lose Focus on Yourself

The pandemic has altered our life in many ways. You may have lost someone close. Maybe you gained a few pounds (sourdough bread anyone!). Many have felt the effects of social isolation. Don’t forget the endless stream of crazy news. And for some, life seems to be spinning out of control.

We need to take time and focus on ourselves. It could be as simple as taking a walk in nature, talking with a close friend, or starting that spring garden. If you really want to invest in your long term health and well-being, enroll in an exercise program such as tai chi. Participation in a tai chi program can release stress, focus the mind, settle emotions, and build resolve. If you’re in our area, check us out by taking a free introductory tai chi class.

Staying focused on your wellness, your goals, and yourself will give you the stability you need to overcome the craziness and help you succeed in life.

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