Living The Tai Chi Lifestyle

A Tai Chi Lifestyle benefits the whole family

A Tai Chi Lifestyle benefits the whole family

What It Means And Why It Matters

What does it mean to be living the Tai Chi Lifestyle? What do I need to sacrifice to live this lifestyle? Why does it matter if I do and why should I even care?

All questions that you should ask, and questions that deserve an answer.

Last time I introduced the Tai Chi Lifestyle. This time we’ll dig a little deeper into it’s meaning and why it matters.

What does it mean to live the Tai Chi Lifestyle?

Tai Chi Chuan, as a Martial Art, has it’s roots in Daoism (Taoism).  The essence of a Daoist practice is to live in accordance with nature. Nature has a perfect balance. The belief is that if we don’t interfere with this natural course, we too will find balance. Not only within nature, but within ourselves as well as with each other.

All aspects of our life must be considered. Not only how we live, but where we live, what we eat, what we do, who we associate with, what we surround ourselves with and even what we say.

Why should I live the Tai Chi Lifestyle?

At the risk of offending someone, just look around! Over 35% of U.S. Adults are obese. Most of us are dealing with some kind of chronic stress on a daily basis. The unnatural foods that we’re eating combined with that daily stress is affecting our mind, body, and spirit. Not only are we getting sicker, but the illnesses are bigger and badder than ever.  And then there’s the medications that we take to “cure” these illnesses. It seems that the side effects are worse than the illness it was meant to cure.

All this leaves us with a population where, for the first time, the older generation may outlive the younger generation! As we move away from living in accord with nature, the worse we become.

How do I start living the Tai Chi Lifestyle?

It’s impossible to change the world, at least not alone. What we can do is affect change in ourselves. One habit, one action at a time.

Realize that we are the only one’s responsible for our health and well-being. We can’t rely on other people, organizations, or institutions. They can offer us assistance and guidance, but they should not control us or our actions.

Education, self discovery, and self reliance is how we start. Take stock of your life. Are you overweight? Is your life stressful? Are you constantly sick? Are you happy? If you determine that a change needs to happen, then take control and responsibility for that change. If you don’t, someone else will.

One of the easiest changes to make is with your fitness. Adding Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation to your daily activities can be the greatest impact on your life and getting you back on the path closer to nature.

Imagine that, a Tai Chi instructor advocating Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation! Weird, I know, but it’s how I got started on this path. I’m far from perfect, but the changes I started many years ago have given me a more balanced life, and a more fulfilling life. I’ll share more of my story next time.

Next: How does practicing Tai Chi Chuan change my lifestyle?

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