Did You See the Rainbow?

Photo Courtesy Manuel González Olaechea, Creative Commons CC-BY-SA

The other day, early in the evening, Huntersville, NC experienced a heavy thunderstorm, complete with lightening … and a rainbow!

Did you see the rainbow?

It was awesome. Twice I made sure that my daughter took the time to see the rainbow. It stretched across the sky in all it’s ROYGBIV glory. Framed between the shining sun on one side and dark clouds, deep thunder, and flashes of brilliant white lightening on the other.

It seems a fitting metaphor for life, doesn’t it?

On the one side we have our dreams, aspirations, and goals (the Sun), and on the other we have our problems, responsibilities, and daily drama (the Storm). Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it’s stormy. But, most of the time, it’s somewhere in between.

Did you see the rainbow?

Did you take the time and look for the rainbow that was created by the Sun and the Storm? Those people, circumstances, and situations we have in our life that let us know that the Storm will pass, the clouds will break, and the Sun will shine upon us again.

The rainbow is always there. Even when all we can see is the Storm. It’s up to us to take the time and look for it. It could be a faint ribbon of light in the sky, or bright vibrant colors as if drawn with crayon. But, it is there.

Do you remember the first time you saw a rainbow? Do you remember the wonder and excitement of seeing those brilliant colors in the sky for the first time? It’s not enough to just see the rainbow, you need to experience the rainbow, acknowledge it’s presence, and give thanks for it’s existence. When we do that, the rainbow seems to get brighter, and the Storm doesn’t seem so scary.

Next time, when the Storms of life are getting you down, look for the rainbow. You may need to look real hard for it, or someone might need to point it out to you, but that rainbow is there.

And maybe, just maybe, you can follow it to the magical Pot of Gold!

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