Resolve Now to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

 Happy 2013!

What are your goals for 2013?
What are your goals for 2013?

I hope 2012 turned out better than you expected. If it hasn’t, you have within your grasp the power to change that for 2013. Resolve now to make 2013 your best year ever.

And why not? No one says you can’t! All you need are some goals (what you want), some actions (what you need to do to achieve it), and some good old fashioned perseverance (now do it)! OK, maybe a little know-how might be needed as well.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and if you’re not actively pursuing a goal, then you’ll be doing something that may or may not be good for you. You need not make it overly complicated or even all that detailed. But, you do have to do two very important steps.

2 Steps to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

1) Put some thought into it!

Your goals need to have meaning for you. They need to harmonize with your values. They have to be a part of your life and lifestyle. Take the time to figure out what you really want. Be prepared for some deep thought here, Don’t just spend a few minutes daydreaming, take as much time as you need … it’s that important.

If your goals aren’t aligned with your values, they will create conflict within you. The only thing worse than a vacuum, is conflict. Know and understand your values. If you don’t know what they are, find them (there are many resources online, just do a search on the term “values”). Once you know your values, you can easily determine whether or not a goal is in sync with your values.

2) Take Action!

What is a goal without action? A dream!

Action must be taken to reach your goals. You can wish, hope, and fantasize all you want. But, if you expect your goals to manifest out of thin air, you’re mistaken. Take action, any action, that brings you closer to your goal, everyday. What if you don;t know what to do? That’s where a little know-how comes into play. You might have to do some research, learn a new skill, talk to people, read a book.

The only thing that will keep you from reaching your goals is you. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Make the commitment to strive for and reach your goals. And when December 31, 2013 rolls around and you’ve reached one or more of your goals, celebrate like mad! You’ve earned it. And your reward for all that hard work and success? You guessed it, more goals for 2014.

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