March Foods to Sing About

Celebrate March Foods!

Happy Vaffeldagen!

Fruits, Leeks, and Chocolate … Oh My!

As Spring begins to make it’s entrance into our daily lives, the cold dampness of Winter still won’t release her icy grip. March has quite a diverse palate for us to celebrate with.

March Foods of the Month

This month we celebrate:

  • Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month
  • Berries and Cherries Month
  • Exotic Winter Fruit & Leeks and Green Onions Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • National Nutrition Month

Every month should be National Nutrition Month! With the rise in obesity and disease in our society, we all could be better informed about nutrition. Start by eating some of these foods. Either raw or in a stir fry, they are all healthy alternatives to the packaged foods we’ve become addicted to.

Several of my nutritional vices are being celebrated this month. Caffeine is high on the list. As part of National Caffeine Awareness Month, I’ll be aware of cup of coffee and tea that I drink! Seriously! It’s a wonderful meditation.

Weekly Food Celebrations

American Chocolate Week, March 18-23

It seems that Chocolate is celebrated in some shape or form every month. Which is good, since it’s one of my top nutritional vices. Make it a special celebration this month by splurging for the high quality organic stuff. Your taste buds will thank you.

Food Celebration Days

Oreo Cookie Day, March 6

Oreo’s are one of those foods that you love to eat, even though you know they’re not good for you. Especially after eating most of the bag!

Cereal Day, March 7

A bowl of cereal that isn’t high in sugar with no artificial ingredients is a great start to the day, or the perfect snack … you decide!

Potato Chip Day, March 14

A favorite snack food in our house. Just don’t overdo it.

Pi Day, March 14

I know, this is referencing the mathematical formula pi. But, how else do you celebrate Pi Day then with a slice of your favorite pie?

National Chocolate Caramel Day, March 19

Chocolate and caramel are a perfect combination. Just make sure to clean your teeth afterwards.

Great American Meat Out Day, March 20

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years now, so every day is a Great American Meat Out Day for me! A vegetarian diet may not be for everyone, but I believe everyone should eat more vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruit, and less meat, fish, and poultry. Today’s the day to try a satisfying black bean burger, or lentil soup.

National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, March 24

OK, just because it has raisins, doesn’t make it healthy!

Pecan Day, March 25

A very tasty nut with a hint of sweetness. In fact, it’s a great accompaniment to …

Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day), March 25

Waffles! I love waffles! We got a Belgian Waffle Maker a few years ago, and I couldn’t find a decent Waffle recipe until I happened upon “Aretha Frankenstein’s Waffles Of Insane Greatness” from the Food 52 iPad app. Try it! You won’t be disappointed. The only change I made was replacing the cornstarch with sweet rice flour. It gave the waffles a better flavor.

Take your nutrition into your own hands this month! Stop relying on fast food and prepackaged meals. With a bit of planning and some culinary adventure, you can whip up a healthy meal in no time. Your family, and your health will thank you.

Thanks to Brownielocks for keeping these, and other celebrations, up to date.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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