Have You Crossed Your Health Red Line?

Five Simple Steps To Avoid Crossing Your Health Red Line Before You Cross Life’s Finish Line


Health, Wellness, Water, Diet, Exercise, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation can all contribute to long life.
Don’t Cross Your Health Red Line

A battle is being waged. It is a battle for supremacy. A battle for survival. It is also a battle to the death!

And this battle is being fought by every person on the planet.

It is the battle for our health and wellness.

There is lots of talk in the news recently of many areas around the globe that are in conflict and trouble, where a “red line” is drawn that the other side shouldn’t cross otherwise there’d be …

Have you considered that there is also a “red line” for your health? A line that, when crossed, would result in a permanent unhealthy condition (yes, I would consider death a permanent unhealthy condition)?

A sniffle or cough, if left unchecked, results in a Cold, that leads to Influenza, then to a bronchial infection. This bronchial infection is certainly treatable, but could lead to Asthma – a permanent unhealthy condition (PUC).

What about conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and a whole host of diseases that are PUCs? Where is the “red line” drawn that results in these PUCs?

There is no right answer. The Doctors don’t even know. Everyone is different due to their genetic code, their environment, and other criteria. So what can we do to not cross the “red line?”

Luckily the answer is easy … if you have the self-discipline and motivation to do it.

  1. Eat healthy. You know what’s bad for you. Just eat less of that and more of the other stuff. Don’t deprive yourself, that’s torture. Just keep it in moderation.
  2. Drink mostly water. We’re made up of mostly water and water is one of the vital elements for our survival. So drink more of it. Make sure it’s filtered. If you like coffee, tea, wine, beer, fruit juices, etc., keep it in moderation.
  3. Learn to breathe. I know, it sounds silly. Breathing is natural, you just do it. Most of us do it wrong. Watch a baby breathe. You’ll notice that when they inhale, their whole body seems to expand. When an adult breathes, you might see their upper chest expand. Breathe like a baby. Expand the chest and belly when you inhale. Visualize your whole body inhaling and exhaling. Breathe deep and breathe often, no moderation necessary.
  4. Set a goal. Nothing makes life more interesting than a goal, or purpose larger than yourself. Don’t have a goal or purpose? You have one now, find your goal or purpose.
  5. Just move it. This works on two levels:
    1. Always be moving towards your goal or purpose. Don’t let anyone, or anything get in the way. If what you’re doing is moving you away from the goal, stop it and move in the other direction. Don’t know how to move in that direction? Do anything to get you moving, you can make corrections along the way. The trick is to keep moving.
    2. Move your body. Yes, I’m talking the E word. Exercise! Do anything to move your body. Walk, dance, run, take a Tai Chi or Yoga class, heck, do CrossFit if you want. Just start moving the body. You will need to balance this with rest, relaxation, and meditation. They’ll help the body, mind, and spirit to recover and rejuvenate.

There you have it. Five simple steps to avoid crossing your health “red line” before you cross life’s finish line. Even if you are experiencing a PUC, it’s not the end of the world and it certainly doesn’t guarantee you’re closer to life’s finish line. Follow these five steps and you might find you can minimize the effects of the PUC. As always, consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program or drastically changing your diet.

Have you come close to your health “red line,” or crossed it, and had the motivation and self-discipline to change? Share your success story in the comments below.

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