What makes a champion?
Personal Development

What Makes A Champion?

What The NFL Can Teach Us About Being A Champion As I was watching the super NFL finale this past weekend, a game that my daughter refers to as “a bunch of sweaty guys running around with a ball,” I was suddenly struck with the notion of  champions and what makes a champion? Did you…


February Foods Worthy of Celebration

What Do Beans, Bananas, and Pancakes Have In Common? Do you love food? So do I. Do you love to celebrate? Yeah. me too! What do you get when you put the two together? Food Celebrations!! And that’s exactly what we have each and every month. February is ripe with some pretty tasty ones. Did you…

A Tai Chi Lifestyle benefits the whole family
Tai Chi Lifestyle

Living The Tai Chi Lifestyle

What It Means And Why It Matters What does it mean to be living the Tai Chi Lifestyle? What do I need to sacrifice to live this lifestyle? Why does it matter if I do and why should I even care? All questions that you should ask, and questions that deserve an answer. Last time I…

Woman Meditating

What Is The Point Of Meditation?

Meditation For A Healthy Mind “Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man.” – Benjamin Franklin Meditation, as simplistic as the action  is, can be difficult for some people to understand. Their heads are filled with questions and misconceptions, and this creates an aura of mystery that seems impenetrable. Yet,…

Live A Grand Ultimate Life with The Tai Chi Lifestyle
Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Lifestyle: An Introduction

A Grand Ultimate Life With The Tai Chi Lifestyle As a Martial Arts instructor specializing in Tai Chi Chuan, I’m constantly telling my students that the ultimate goal of Tai Chi training is to be able to take what we learn in the kwoon (Training Studio) and take it outside into our everyday life. Although…

Tai Chi is not just or Senior Citizens
Tai Chi

Tai Chi … Not Just For Seniors

Tai Chi Misconception #1 One of the biggest misconceptions about Tai Chi, is that it is only practiced by old people in the park. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is true that the forms, postures, and techniques that we learn in Tai Chi have many benefits that make it an ideal fitness…

Be Mindful. Live in the now.
Tai Chi Lifestyle

Be Mindful

Ways to be mindful Be mindful of your actions. Be mindful of your distractions. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be mindful of your steps. Be mindful of your words, all your words. Be mindful of what you eat. Be mindful of how you eat. Be mindful of where you eat. Be mindful of what you…

Resolve Now to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

 Happy 2013! I hope 2012 turned out better than you expected. If it hasn’t, you have within your grasp the power to change that for 2013. Resolve now to make 2013 your best year ever. And why not? No one says you can’t! All you need are some goals (what you want), some actions (what…